Building out a website

There are many ways in which you can go about building out a website. The first and easiest way is to hire a web designer who can professionally build websites out for companies for a fee. Most commonly this is the most expensive way to go about building out a website but you can almost be guaranteed that the work will be professionally done and done correctly. This does not mean that this website designer will have the knowledge to build the website based upon the best search engine optimization practices for that time but you can assume that the website will look nice and function properly. The reason why this is so expensive is largely due to the fact that website design and website building is a very tedious and meticulous process that can take many hours and you need to be very knowledgeable and well versed in order to properly accomplish website design. An easier way to go about this is to simply install WordPress on the domain in which you own and put on a theme that is virtually the equivalent to building out a website. These themes can either be purchased or they can be free but they will be pre-built websites in which you can alter to best suit your personal needs. You can think of this a lot like having a manufactured home delivered to some property you own. You can either build the home yourself from the ground up which would be what a website designer would do or you can buy a manufactured home that will be placed on the property in which you own which is the equivalent to using a theme within WordPress.

There are many things that you must keep in mind when building out a website in order for the search engines to understand what your site is about. Nowadays a lot of the factors that used to be contributed to rankings in regards to on page optimization no longer exist because the algorithms have become extremely knowledgeable and can easily process any information which you give them by following links and social profiles that are pointing to your site. This does not mean that you should ignore on page optimization but it is easier for you to get away with things nowadays in comparison to only a few years ago. For example you would still want to make sure that you use keywords within your content for the words you are attempting to rank for but this is and also be overlooked and easily fixed if not done by linking keywords to your site. Another thing you should take into consideration is the fact that having keyword dense titles and meta-descriptions are no longer needed because the search engines are looking for things that attract people to your website and help with your user metrics. This is something that is still commonly overlooked in the search engine optimization realm but more and more people are becoming more knowledgeable about this aspect of search engine optimization.

The key elements you want to worry about on your page are the header, body, and footer. The header is something that can help the individual that has visited your website navigates the website and find out information about yourself or your company such as a phone number or email address. The body of the page is where the main contact is found which should intrigue the reader to read further along to fulfill their needs on the website. This content needs to be rich and attractive to people so that they stay in the page and read the content and do not increase the bounce rate of your site. The bounce rate is people who simply come to your site are not satisfied and then go back to the search engines. This shows the search engines that whatever was on your site was not what the people were looking for so it will be a negative point against you for the keyword in which they have found you through. You want to keep your bounce rate is low as possible and keep the users on your page to increase the user metrics which will help you increase your rankings with in the search engines. Finally you have the footer. The footer is the area which will have information such as your email address and phone number once again possibly the copyright to the site and any links that may be needed for individuals to follow to find further information throughout your site. These are the main aspects to building a website and need to be kept in mind anytime you are either having someone build the site for you were building yourself. If you would like to talk about web design and the outcomes that could be expected if you hire an expert to help you get up and going we have recently made contact with another great SEO company out of Michigan, they would love to hear from you and they always give very detailed emails and are always willing to talk on the phone. Give them a shout by clinking one of these links to their website: michigan seo pro website, Michigan seo pro – seo professionals, – visit website here, – website, waterford seo expert – michigan seo pro’s website link.


How to properly set up a webpage

There are many ways you can go about setting up a website or webpage. For example the first thing you need to take into consideration is the content management system in which you choose to use. The content management system is simply a software system that will allow you to easily alter and change what a website looks like. One of the most well-known content management systems is WordPress. I personally use WordPress on all of my websites because it is extremely easy to use and over 50% of all the sites found on the Internet currently use this content management system. Of course there are countless other content management systems you can use when building out a website but this is one of the first thing you need to take into consideration when building out a website or a webpage. The next thing you need to take in a consideration is the topic you are covering on that website. The reason why this is important is largely due to the fact that whatever content you are attempting to rank for or show on your website you should have it found within that websites of the search engine to know that those are the kinds of words or topics you are attempting to rank for. This is called having proper on page optimization.

The next thing you want to take in a consideration are your titles, and meta-descriptions. The reason why you want these to be properly filled out for each page is due to the fact that the search engines will read them and will place the information found within these categories higher than other information they find. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that these are some of the first things that people see when they’re looking through the search engines to find information about sites. So if you have keywords and information that is about your site that you are attempting to rank for it will show the search engines that that is the type of information you are trying to have them rank you in. Another thing you want to take in a consideration is having grammatically correct content. This is one of the easiest things for search engines and bots to penalize you for and is something that can very easily be overlooked and forgotten. You need to make sure that the information you provide on your site is good information that will be easily read and understood by the users on that site. There are countless tools that you can use for a nominal fee that will allow you to check the content to make sure it is grammatically correct.

Finally you want to make sure that you have pictures on your webpage. The reason you want pictures on your webpage is largely due to the fact that allows users to have a more homely and friendly type environment that they will stay at longer. A longer an individual stays in your site the more the search engines will take your site into consideration during ranking factors because they look at on page time and bounce rates when ranking websites within their search engines. In regards to images and pictures you want to make sure that you have the metadata filled out correctly to inform the search engines with image is. When you go into the actual code or HTML of a webpage the pictures do not actually show and that is the information that the bots are reading so you need to make sure that you fill out and tell the bots with the image is of so that they can rank your image within their search engines to. These are the small things you need to take in a consideration when building up a website that will make the biggest difference in regards to your site ranking within the search engines. This is one of the key reasons why companies who do not have search engine optimization background should hire search engine optimization experts because they know the ins and the outs the search engines and are constantly keeping up-to-date with all of the different algorithm changes that are happening on a consistent basis.


How to build your own links

There are many ways you can go about building your own links to help power up a website that you own or the website of someone who is paying you to power up their site. One such way you can go about building links to your site is through directories and citations. Directories and citations are websites that gather information about companies and other sites and provide the given information about those sites on their site to help the people browsing their sites find companies and websites that can fill any needs they may have. For example many directories and citations will be full of local businesses were trying to get more customers to provide their services too. This is hands down one of the easiest ways to go about getting links pointed back to your site. One of the things you need to remember when getting these types of links is the fact that you need to have your content be identical for every citation and directory you post. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that the search engines do not like it when information is not identical because they do not know which information is correct thus they become easily confused. This is one of the biggest things you want to stay away from because the search engines are simply robots that cannot think for themselves so if you give them information is hard for them to decipher they will do their best to understand it but that does not mean that they will understand in the way in which you want them to.

Another way you can go about receiving links to your site is to link vendors. Link vendors are individuals who own massive amounts of sites that are willing to put a link to your site with whatever anchor text you choose for a nominal fee. Sometimes this is a one-time fee but more often than not is a monthly fee. Depending on the quality of the site in which they are putting the link on in the amount of traffic and power that that site generates will highly dictate the price of the link. For example sometimes these links are as low as one dollar per month but sometimes they are as expensive as $50-$200 per month depending on the quality of the site and the power it is passing along with the anchor text you choose. This is one of the last methods I would choose to receive links to my site unless I was building a site that I did not care if they got penalize. The reason why I say this is largely due to the fact that the sites have countless links on them which is very easy for the search engines to find and red flag. Once the site is red flag it will follow the links on that page and red flag all of the sites that are found on that page. This is one of the easiest ways for search engines to go through and de-index or penalize hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of sites all with one swoop. If you would like additional information in regards to any of the information covered in this blog post feel free to reach out to our very close friends, you can get ahold of them by click on any of the following: Michigan SEO Company –, Detroit SEO Company, grand rapids seo company –,, ann arbor seo –

Finally one of the most expensive but most effective ways to get links pointing to your site is through the use of a private blog network. A private blog network is a network that is comprised of sites that are previously powered up by the old owners who did not renew them so they are bought at auction thus carrying the power over when the individual purchased them built them out. The reason why these are so powerful is due to the fact that the previous owner had links pointing to that site from various sources about whatever topic that site was about and you are simply changing the content and pointing links from that site. The reasoning behind this being a cost intensive way of receiving links is because each of the sites will need to be hosted on different hosting accounts. If you have ever hosted a site before you will fully understand the hosting sites can become an extremely expensive endeavor depending on the type of hosting and the quality of hosting you are purchasing. One of the cheaper ways to host sites for your private blog network is through the use of blog network hosting. I once again would refrain from using this because this is something that can easily be targeted by the search engines which could drop all the sites on that network in one swoop. I have a very close friend who is personally lost over $1 million worth of sites overnight because of a blog network hosting company not covering up their own footprints.


How much does Search Engine Optimization cost

The cost of search engine optimization varies greatly depending on the company in which you are working with. Some companies have a minimum fee while others will adjust accordingly depending on the size of the project. This being said the size of the project is one of the biggest contributing factors as to the cost of search engine optimization work. If you have a website that is only 10 or 20 pages and you can expect the cost of search engine optimization to be relatively low because you have a small site in comparison to many sites out on the web. But on the other hand if you have a site that is thousands of pages and you can expect the price of search engine optimization work to go up incrementally based on the size of your website. You also need to take in consideration the keywords you are attempting to rank for. If you are attempting to rank for words such as cheap car insurance or DUI lawyers then you can expect the price of your search engine optimization work to go up because of that. But if you are attempting to rank for Miami bakers or Dallas foot massage then you can assume that the price of search engine optimization work will be relatively low because the competition will be much lower and there will be a much fewer level of difficulty to rank for these types of words.

You also need to consider the type of person you are working with. If you are working with a company that is known for their search engine optimization then you can expect for the price of their services to go up because you are paying for services that are for a lack of better terms guaranteed. On the other hand if you are working with someone who is relatively new in the search engine optimization they are looking to land their first client you can expect for the prices to be much lower because they are in need of their first client in need to get their foot in the door. One of the largest things needs to take into consideration when looking at the cost of search engine optimization is the individual providing it. One of the reasons why the price of search engine optimization varies so largely is mainly due to the fact that it can be outsourced to people in Third World countries who will do the work for mere pennies on the dollar. One of the biggest things you need to take into consideration when dealing with individuals like this is the fact that they do not care about your business and simply receiving one month’s payment from you at one of those prices is the equivalent to making thousands of dollars in their currency due to the exchange rates. Many of these companies have put a bad name behind SEO work which will take some time to fix but these individuals are slowly losing their clients because the clients are becoming more educated on the process which makes them smarter in terms of choosing which expert they work with.

Overall it is virtually impossible for me to tell you how much search engine optimization will cost without looking at your site and diagnosing the problems you have currently. Many things can be fixed in only a few minutes but currently the search engine’s algorithms are very happy with the results they have so the movement within the search engine results pages is very slow due to that. What used to take on the a few months to rank now could take well over a year and often times you will see a lot of bouncing around when adding links to a site. This is often times referred to as the Google dance but I personally believe that it is the search engines moving your site around in an attempt to scare you so that you will blast it with new keyword anchor text links thus proving to them that you are introducing unnatural linking into your site thus allowing them to red flag your site or penalize you more easily. This is something that you would need to be aware of if attempting to perform search engine optimization work on your own but it is something that you can rest assured most search engine optimization experts know will be taken a consideration when attempting to rank your site.


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